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New Year Gift To Dr Manmohan Singh from KCA

Posted by Bijuchandran

Kerala Cartoon Academy Chairman Presannan Anikkad Presenting “123 Dr Manmohan Singh By 123 Cartoonists’ to Hon'ble Prime Minister today at Raj Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram.Cartoonist Sukumar,Biju Chandran,Devaprakash and Dwijith also seen in the photo

The unique New Year Gift to Dr Manmohan Singh from Kerala Cartoon Academy
Kerala Cartoon Academy gifted a Coffee Table Book titled ‘ 123 Dr Manmohan Singh- by 123 Cartoonists’ to Hon’ble Prime Minister today , The function held at Raj Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram on 3rd January, 2010. 10 Members of Cartoon Academy leaded by- KCA Chairman Presannan Anikkad and Vice Chairman Sathyadev, with senior cartoonists Sukumar and P V Krishnan.KCA executive Members Adv Biju Chandran and Dwijith,G Hari,Harikumar,Devaprakash also in the team of 10 members during the occation.-123 Manmohan Book compiled by Cartoonist Sudheernath,Secretry,Kerala Cartoon Academy.

These cartoons had a common factor – Dr Manmohan Singh; as protagonist, antagonist or even as a victim. This bunch of 123 cartoons and caricatures is a chronicle in its own right, of an atypical PM’s political awakening. Dr.Singh is the central character – his personality, responses, attitude and above all his politics come alive here in a series of signature styles, from the sharp and unsparing to the funny and evocative.

63 cartoons, a little over half, in this collection are from Kerala-based cartoonists who are members of the Academy, the rest are from other states and there are a few from overseas as well. A couple of NRI cartoonists and two woman cartoonists complete the lot.

From the emeritus cartoonist Kutty to the youngest in the business, this collection presents a broad spectrum of Indian cartooning. No claim that we are showcasing the real cross-section though. The academy has to be a lot more organized before it can undertake such ambitious endeavors.

Yet it is a unique look at a major Indian politician by some of the sharpest visual and political minds around. A freewheeling documentation of the unsaid. Particularly so because its central figure, the non-demonstrative Dr. Singh, is no cartoonist’s delight. It took nuclear energy to draw him out. Literally.

His turban, which became the nuclear orbit in many cartoons here, his square face, thick eyebrows, thin beard, spectacles, pullover, white kurtha and pajama – finally a vivid enough picture emerged of the man who is our Prime Minister.

This book may not lead you to a considered view on the nuke deal or its consequences, though individual cartoonists have freely expressed their views.  It is a capture of a significant phase of Indian history even as it is unfolding. Some day when you choose to look back, this won’t give you all the facts or weighty insights. But one thing is certain. This won’t bore you. You’ll get a laugh or two at the expense of the man who is receiving this volume as a gift.

 It is a great moment of pride for Kerala Cartoon Academy to present this unique collection of 123 cartoons to Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, the one who figures on every page of this book.


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