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Cartoonist never dies......!

Posted by Bijuchandran

Cartoonist never dies......!

MAZOS, the great cartoonist, You still alive in our life.....
We are jealous on GOD in heaven as he got now the chance to be smiled forever with your pleasing brush.......
We miss you a lot. Let you be rest in peace!
We the world cartOOnists, express our profound sympathy to his sorrowing family.
- Editor, for world cartOOnists.
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Posted by Editor

The Museum of the Caricature of Vianden,
Les Amis du Château de Vianden, Naturpark Our
and the are pleased to announce their
under the auspices of Le Ministère de l’Egalité des Chances
1. Subject: Househusband
2. Deadline: 20th February 2010
3. Prizes: Adult category: 1st prize: 3000€+trophy 2nd prize: 2000€+trophy 3rd prize:1000 €+ trophy Four mentions: certificate of honour
Youth category: PrizeShopping Center Belle Etoile: 500€+trophy. It means a special prize for young people up to 20 years old living in the Grande Région including Wallonia, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Lorraine and Luxembourg.
4. Entries: - Initially each participant can send at most 3 works in digital form via Internet to the following address: The author must indicate in his e-mail the following informations: his first name, last name, his complete address, his e-mail address, his phone number, his birth date, the category and the title or the number of each work. The characteristics of these electronic sendings are as follows: format JPEG, good quality and max. 500 KB per picture.
- Out of these e-mails the jury will make a selection of 90-120 drawings and will request from the authors of these works the sending by mail of the originals for the choice of the prizes and the publication in the catalogue. All these originals will be shown in the exhibition and in the catalogue. Their size will be min. DIN A4 (210x297mm) and max. DIN A3 (297x420mm), good quality paper, not folded and without a passe-partout. On the back side of every work must be clearly mentioned the first name, last name, complete address, e-mail address, phone number, birth date of the author, the category as well as the title or the number of the work. This deadline is 19th March 2010.
5. Technique: Free, black and white or in colour, without subtitles. Digitally created works are accepted. They must be signed by their creator on the back side and be numbered by 1/1. Photos and copies of original works will be eliminated.
6. Exhibition: The award ceremony of the adult category will be held on 7th May 2010 in the castle and the exhibition will take place in the Hall of the Knights of the Castle of Vianden from 8th May until 6th June 2010. It’s foreseen to show the works in other cities and in the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden until 9th May 2011.
The award ceremony of youth category will be held during the itinerant exhibition at Shopping Center Belle Etoile in Bertrange from 16th to 25 September 2010.
7. Returns: After these exhibitions the originals will be returned to their authors except the works selected for one of the prizes. The awarded works will become property of the organizer.
The organizer cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of the return postage.
8. Catalogue: The authors whose works will be selected for the exhibition will receive a free catalogue by mail together with his work(s). Prize winners will get their catalogue during the award ceremony.
9. Results: The publication of the results will be done on the website after 8th May 2010. The award winners selected by the jury will be personally informed by e-mail or by phone.
The final decisions of the jury, which will meet on 20th March 2010, are incontestable.
10. Copyright: The selected participants allow the organizers to use their works only for promoting the author, as well as the event. All other copyright remains property of the author.
11. Generalities: The works should not have been awarded before.
By taking part to this contest the participants agree to the abovementioned rules.
12. Address to send the originals to: Musée de la Caricature et du Cartoon de Vianden
48, Grand-Rue L - 9410 VIANDEN
13. Further informations: Florin BALABAN Pol LEURS
Phone: +352 – 621 28 37 90 Phone: +352 – 78 83 18 GOOD LUCK!
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Posted by Bijuchandran

1-Theme : From Cry to Laughing
2- thechnic:free
3-The number of sent cartoons is 3
4- The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address: 
and they must be of 300 dpi resolution,
A4 size and JPG format.
(Please do not send Zip or rar Format!)
5-Please attach in .doc format a brief presentation
of your artistic activity (surname and first name, address,
e-mail address, a photo and your CV)
first prize:golden medal of HOP CARTOON+ Trophy + Honorable Mention+CD-Catalogue
second prize:silver medal of HOP CARTOON+ Trophy + Honorable Mention+CD-Catalogue
third prize:bronze medal of HOP CARTOON+ Trophy + Honorable Mention+CD-Catalogue
- 8 Honorable Mentions+CD Catalogues.
7-The works will be displayed at HOP Cartoon website:
9-All profits from the festival benefit children orphans and children with canser
will spend



Thank you for participation
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New Year Gift To Dr Manmohan Singh from KCA

Posted by Bijuchandran

Kerala Cartoon Academy Chairman Presannan Anikkad Presenting “123 Dr Manmohan Singh By 123 Cartoonists’ to Hon'ble Prime Minister today at Raj Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram.Cartoonist Sukumar,Biju Chandran,Devaprakash and Dwijith also seen in the photo

The unique New Year Gift to Dr Manmohan Singh from Kerala Cartoon Academy
Kerala Cartoon Academy gifted a Coffee Table Book titled ‘ 123 Dr Manmohan Singh- by 123 Cartoonists’ to Hon’ble Prime Minister today , The function held at Raj Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram on 3rd January, 2010. 10 Members of Cartoon Academy leaded by- KCA Chairman Presannan Anikkad and Vice Chairman Sathyadev, with senior cartoonists Sukumar and P V Krishnan.KCA executive Members Adv Biju Chandran and Dwijith,G Hari,Harikumar,Devaprakash also in the team of 10 members during the occation.-123 Manmohan Book compiled by Cartoonist Sudheernath,Secretry,Kerala Cartoon Academy.

These cartoons had a common factor – Dr Manmohan Singh; as protagonist, antagonist or even as a victim. This bunch of 123 cartoons and caricatures is a chronicle in its own right, of an atypical PM’s political awakening. Dr.Singh is the central character – his personality, responses, attitude and above all his politics come alive here in a series of signature styles, from the sharp and unsparing to the funny and evocative.

63 cartoons, a little over half, in this collection are from Kerala-based cartoonists who are members of the Academy, the rest are from other states and there are a few from overseas as well. A couple of NRI cartoonists and two woman cartoonists complete the lot.

From the emeritus cartoonist Kutty to the youngest in the business, this collection presents a broad spectrum of Indian cartooning. No claim that we are showcasing the real cross-section though. The academy has to be a lot more organized before it can undertake such ambitious endeavors.

Yet it is a unique look at a major Indian politician by some of the sharpest visual and political minds around. A freewheeling documentation of the unsaid. Particularly so because its central figure, the non-demonstrative Dr. Singh, is no cartoonist’s delight. It took nuclear energy to draw him out. Literally.

His turban, which became the nuclear orbit in many cartoons here, his square face, thick eyebrows, thin beard, spectacles, pullover, white kurtha and pajama – finally a vivid enough picture emerged of the man who is our Prime Minister.

This book may not lead you to a considered view on the nuke deal or its consequences, though individual cartoonists have freely expressed their views.  It is a capture of a significant phase of Indian history even as it is unfolding. Some day when you choose to look back, this won’t give you all the facts or weighty insights. But one thing is certain. This won’t bore you. You’ll get a laugh or two at the expense of the man who is receiving this volume as a gift.

 It is a great moment of pride for Kerala Cartoon Academy to present this unique collection of 123 cartoons to Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, the one who figures on every page of this book.
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Chronicle of a PM - in 123 dimensions

Posted by Bijuchandran

Chronicle of a PM sketched out - in 123 dimensions
3:45 PM New Delhi, Jan 1 (IANS) It took the 1-2-3 agreement "to draw him out", and quite fittingly the Kerala Cartoon Academy has prepared a coffee table book with caricatures from 123 cartoonists, ranging from Raj Thackeray to R.K. Laxman, for the usually reticent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he comes visiting over the weekend.

The unique New Year gift weighs five kilograms and will be presented to the prime minister on Jan 3 at the Raj Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram by the Kerala Cartoon Academy, an association of more than 100 cartoonists that is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Amongst those who have contributed to the tome are E.P. Unny, Ravi Shankar, Ajit Ninan as well as politicos like Raj Thackeray, chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Communist Party of India-Marxist’s M.M. Monayee and Muslim League leader M.K. Muneer.

"These cartoons had a common factor - Dr. Manmohan Singh; as protagonist, antagonist or even as a victim," said a Kerala Cartoon Academy statement.

Academy secretary Sudheernath added that the "non-demonstrative Dr. Singh was no cartoonist’s delight". But the signing of Indo-US civil nuclear deal, which prompted the Left parties to withdraw its support to the first United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, changed all that.

"It took the 1-2-3 Agreement and nuclear energy to draw him out. Literally," Sudheernath told IANS.

"His turban, which became the nuclear orbit in many cartoons here, his square face, thick eyebrows, thin beard, spectacles, pullover, white kurta and pajama - finally a vivid enough picture emerged of the man who is our prime minister," said Sudheernath, a Delhi-based cartoonist.

The Kerala Cartoon Academy, in collaboration with the Indian Cartoonists’ Association and the Press Club of India, had organised an exhibition of 123 caricatures of Manmohan Singh at the Club premises here in February last year.

"This bunch of 123 cartoons and caricatures is a chronicle in its own right, of an atypical PM's political awakening," said the Academy.

Manmohan Singh's personality, responses, attitude and above all his politics come alive here, said Sudheernath.

He said the Kerala cartoonists "brainstormed" about the appropriate gift to be presented to the prime minister when they invited him as the chief guest for the valedictory function of the academy's silver jubilee celebrations.

"First we thought of giving 25 cartoons to the PM. When we sent word to brother cartoonists, the response was overwhelming. To the nuclear PM no less than 123," he said.

Sudheernath said 63 cartoons in the book were from Kerala-based cartoonists who were members of the Academy and the rest from other states; there were a few from overseas as well.

A couple of NRI cartoonists and two woman cartoonists complete the lot.

Manmohan Singh, who begins his two-day Kerala visit Saturday, will be inaugurating the 97th Indian Science Congress.

(Copyright Indo Asian News)
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