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Staying Current with Animation

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Author: John Parks
Computers are wonderful tools. With a computer anyone with an imagination can create almost anything they like and then make it come to life. People that cannot take a good photograph to save their lives can use computer software to create the illusion that they have taken some of the most interesting photographs ever taken. By the same account people with absolutely no ability to draw at all can create entertaining cartoons by using the cartoon creator software of their choice. These kinds of advances in computer software can open up doors to people that were closed for a very long time and it can also bring some pressure to people that have been considered specialists all of their careers. Using cartoon creator software can help people that have good cartoon ideas bring their ideas to life and maybe even create a whole new dimension to their careers. If a comedian feels he has a lot of funny ideas for a cartoon but cannot draw then that comedian can turn to cartoon creator software and bring his ideas to life. Suddenly the comedian realizes that his cartoon ideas are funny and now a person that could never draw suddenly finds themselves making cartoons seen in newspapers all over the country. The above scenario seems great for people with ideas but no drawing skills but it certainly puts a lot of pressure on people that draw cartoons for a living but may not have the same comedic talents as a professional comedian. Suddenly cartoonists that were getting by primarily on their ability to draw are finding themselves challenged by people that have what the public really wants out of their cartoons and that is good comedy. In this way cartoon creator software could change the way cartoonists approach their work. Software used to create cartoons has also had an aggressive impact on the animation world. It used to be that animators could create cartoons that were funny but not necessarily in line with current events. Using the old techniques of hand drawing it takes months to create on 30 minute cartoon show and for this reason most cartoons were not based on current events but they would throw references in there once in a while to try and seem current. Cartoon creator software has changed all of that and now what used to take months to create and animate only takes days and animators are forced to make their cartoons in line with current events or risk a short run on television. Some animators have embraced this animating speed and have built their reputation on being able to create cartoons that are right in line with up to the day current events. Other cartoons that try and interject current events without using cartoon creator software find themselves behind the times and not nearly as popular as the more up to date cartoons. It is a true statement when people say that computers are changing the way we live and the way that we interact with each other on a daily basis. For more information on cartoons, visit and http://comiccreatorsoftware.comAbout the Author:

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